Boxing. A tough, cruel sport

Shelly Guni

Few understand the dedication that is required to become successful and fewer still understand the hours spent at the gym, building stamina, body strength, fitness and lightning-fast reflexes.

It’s a sport for men and women who enjoy rough and tough body contact. Getting hit continuously is not for the faint-hearted.

Yet, this is a sport that can take so many young people off the streets and teach them discipline and living a healthier lifestyle.

Successful boxers could go a long way in encouraging young people to join and participate in the healthier lifestyle of fitness and vitality.

Who knows, somewhere in one of those boxing gyms could be a Charles Manyuchi, Kudakwashe Chiwandire or Alfonso Zvenyika

It’s the “gym” that is going to stop young lives from being enslaved by drugs, booze and criminality.

Boxing champion Charles Manyuchi said:

“Boxing is like any other sport in the country. It has helped a number of youths off the streets.

“We are not talking about some movie things; a number of people have made a living out of this sport. In as much as it can look like a rough game, that makes it unique

“Boxing requires another level of discipline. You can never see a boxer involved in street fighting, there are some values that are instilled in anyone who takes boxing as a career.”

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