Boxers Biningu, Usaiwevhu honoured

Shelly Guni

After their successful crowning recently, boxing champions Tatenda Biningu and Evans Usaiwevhu have been honoured.

The two, WBF/WABA alliance super bantam weight and WABA lightweight champions Biningu and Usaiwevhu we appointed Phil-Jen country lodges ambassadors and Majestics Enterprises respectively.

The two will be paid a monthly salary for their roles.

Majestics Enterprises and Phil-Jen country lodges director Takudzwa Chibaya pledged to continue supporting the boxers.

“We have realised that there is a lot of talent in the country.  From music to academics. Not a lot of young talents were given the opportunity to get into sports. And ever since the day Charlse Manyuchi walked to our doors,  and asked us to sponsor boxing, I never understood what boxing was all about until I met Manyuchi. I managed to develop this love for boxing after I started understanding it,” he said

Majestics and Phi-Jen have sponsored a number of boxing tournaments in the country.

“We have been with these young boxers for almost 7 years now and we have seen something that they hold in their hands.

“They have talent, dedication and are willing to conquer and to defeat and take over the world.  And there is nothing as important as the champion mentality more than these attributes I have mentioned,” he said, adding that he believed their talents would take them far.

“We have done quite a bit for them ever since we started working with these guys.  And just from the top of my head I can think of two things, these guys were already ambassadors of our company and more like a motivation for them.

“So, we have decided to put them on a monthly salary so they will be played for their ambassadorial role representing Majestics and Phil-Jen.

“The second thing is we have been putting facilities in the small town of Masvingo just to make sure that whenever these guys come to Masvingo and want to train they will get a place to do their boxing.

Chibaya said the biggest detriment to the upkeep of the athletes was not necessarily fat wallets but lack of opportunity and a proper environment for them to thrive.

“Which is why you have seen us working so hard with the Charles Manyuchi Boxing Academy to create a conducive environment for these youth to be able to take their talent more.  Just like we have big soccer fields we need to also have that in boxing,” he said.

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