The recent incident at Zimfest UK, where Baba Harare displayed a disturbing lack of patriotism by destroying a guitar and disrespecting the Zimbabwe national flag during the National Anthem, is deeply troubling.

As an influential figure in the music industry, he has crossed the lines, should be aware that such actions are not protected by any artistic license. It is disheartening to witness an artist tarnish his reputation with such unpatriotic behaviour.

The essence of an artist lies in the quality of their work, not in their appearance or political activism. Baba Harare’s actions at Zimfest UK overshadowed his performance and left a lasting negative impression on the audience.

As his supporters, we ought to remember him for his talents and contributions to the music world, not for these shameful actions.

Even if he intended to use his platform to voice political opinions, there are certain actions that are simply reprehensible and cross the line of national ethics and sensitivity.

As citizens of Zimbabwe, we are bound by our national pride and the national anthem holds a special place in our hearts. Trashing the national flag during the anthem shows a disregard for our national pride and unity.

The recently proposed “Patriotic Bill” seeks to criminalize actions that deliberately damage the sovereignty and national interests of Zimbabwe.

Baba Harare’s conduct serves as an example of actions that could be covered by such legislation. Our laws should protect our national symbols and values from such disrespectful acts.

Artists have the power to inspire and unite people through their craft. They can act as positive role models and agents of change. However, when artists deviate from their primary role and engage in acts that undermine our national interest, it erodes the respect and admiration we hold for them.

Baba Harare must realise that his actions have consequences, not just for himself but for the larger community. As a prominent figure in the music industry, he wields influence over his audience, and his behaviour can impact the perceptions of Zimbabweans both at home and abroad.

It is our hope that Baba Harare reflects on his actions and understands the significance of our national symbols and values. We call upon all artists to use their talents to celebrate the beauty of Zimbabwe, promote unity, and contribute positively to our society.

As a nation, we must cherish our identity and hold dear the principles that make us Zimbabweans. Let us unite and foster a spirit of patriotism that is not only reflected in our national anthem but also in our everyday actions.

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