Baba Harare trashes Zim flag in UK

Abel Karowangoro

It what can be seen as an attention seeking gimmick Jiti musician Baba Harare, real name Brave Chizvino
at the weekend smashed his guitar, trashed and trampled on the Zimbabwean flag during a performance
at the Zimfest musical gala held in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Without sense of irony regarding the event supposedly held to celebrate Zimbabwean talent and cultural export, Baba Harare did the shameful antics while the national anthem was being sung, drawing ire from patriots at home and abroad.

No explanation has been given by Baba Harare’s management or organisers.

But the divisive gesture drew fire on social media.

Kudzie Tholana said, “I think u need to explain this to us your fans…The story behind this.”

Mtha Ndebele said “I don’t think it was an appropriate gesture during national anthem…or whats the symbolism
of that act…translate for us.”

“What was that for?” asked Shawn Takawira.

Some commentators likened Baba Harare’s antics to controversial chimurenga guru Thomas Mapfumo’s rhetoric against government back home and predicted it would not end well for the nimble-footed star .

“When u become like Thomas Mapfumo nobody will remember you zvonakidza uchirovererwaaa maoko but u shall be alone your downfall is very near,” said one Comrade Tonderai Shumba Chidawa

However, there was some support from other quarters.

Idah Taderera said, “City Father you are a true and strong Citizen of Zimbabwe thank you for representing us Jiti family … I strongly stand with you together we Go far …if you know you know … if you don’t forget about it… proudly jiti Fan.”

Brenda N Jekwa said , “Our national anthem is now meaningless Vashandi Havasi kukudzwe ruzhinji harusi kuguta. Yakakombrerewa nyika yedu but makomborero arikutorwa.”

King Solomon Zim said , “Powerful message”

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