Baba Harare, Passion Java Beef

…Real or staged

Shelly Guni

Is the feud between Baba Harare and Passion Java real or a publicity ploy?

Celebrity feuds are entertaining to witness, but they become much amusing when you are aware of their fabrication.

It appears that many of the well-known feuds we have witnessed on social media are planned and intentional for exposure and viewership.

Could this be a build-up to the November release of Baba Harare’s newest album?

Celebrities fighting one another appears to have become the new norm in the entertainment world.

Some get so heated that personal secrets are revealed while other beefs seem trivial. This has led many into thinking that celebs beef is nothing to write home about because they are not real.

There are times that the beef has proven to be a serious one while others are put up merely as publicity stunts.

I think from experiences, some have been quite real, and some have also been cooked up for different kinds of publicity stunts, because you realise that these things get attention.

The media picks it up and they are talking about it, fans pick it up and they are talking about it so over the years, we have seen a lot of them being deployed in the industry.

Some of the beefs are also for promotional purposes, making it a mix of beefs being fake and real at the same time.

The beef between the two started when Java posted on social media that: “Pahiphop new school ndokundwa naVoltz JT chete. Vamwe vanoimba zvinonzwisa tsitsi senge tumhasuru twaBaba Harare,”

A month later, he posted his photograph, in his Lamborghini, captioned “Kuchena kunge muromo waBaba Harare.

“Hurombe hunotangira pakuita sevaimbi Baba Harare naBaba Moto vanorara parukukwe rwakatengwa namomz 1994.”

Baba Harare did not take time to respond to Java as he went on to claim Java was a false prophet.

“Mwari ndinokutendai nezvipo zvamakandipa, kuimba, kutamba nekubata maporofita enhema. Amen.”

The two have been attacking each other on social media ever since then.

Passion Java is known for his feud with a number of artists, the likes of Holy Ten whom he went on to diss on a music video.

He has also attacked, Seh Calaz and Chatunga, son to the late former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe.

Baba Harare is set to release his 4th album, titled Zimbabwean Giant this November and it could possibly reveal more about his ‘feud’ with Java.

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