ARTUZ launches ‘Safe schools campaign’

Libinance Dokora

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has threatened early school holiday closure due to the abuse of schools by politicians and political parties citing that such practices are unfit for school environment.

ARTUZ launched and aims to continue running a “Safe schools campaign” meant to protect educators, school children and schools from being abused in the run up to the August 23 general elections.

The teachers union indicated that politicians are not cooperating with the “Safe schools campaign” prompting them to contemplate an early exit holiday that not only safeguards teachers and pupils but infrastructure abuse ahead of the 2023 harmonized plebiscite.

“Political temperatures are rising across the country. Politicians are not taking heed of our Safe Schools campaign,” tweeted ARTUZ

“For the safety of teachers and learners, we are contemplating an early schools holiday to save lives.

One of the Safe schools campaigns principles maintains that parties should never use force nor offer incentives to education administrators to evacuate schools in order that they can be made available for use in support of any political agenda.

It states that schools that have been abandoned or evacuated because of political violence should not be used by political parties and their agencies for any purpose in support of their political agenda.

ARTUZ also maintains that school property must not be used or hired for any political activity that furthers the partisan agenda of any political party.

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