Any shot at education, grab it, and enrich yourself, Mudiwa Hood urges students

Award-winning gospel Hip-hop musician and businessman Mudiwa Hood has urged students to pursue education.

Mudiwa, who is an influencer, ambassador, writer, and motivational speaker, took to his Twitter account to encourage students to not give up on education.

The Group Chief Executive Officer of MH Holdings holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Honors focused in Economics, Psychology, and an MBA.

The musician frequently transitions between a musical atmosphere and the business sector to display his versatility.

Read the full statement.

Dear African Child

This is Africa; do not drop out of school. Pursue education if you have the
opportunity to. Some of the motivational books I read from authors and writers
from the West, aren’t applicable here.

We aren’t in the West or East, where there seem to be more equal opportunities for

The lion is not:

The fastest – cheetah

The slowest – tortoise  

The biggest – elephant  

The swiftest – monkey

The tallest – giraffe

But it is the king of the jungle.

Every attribute the lion possesses is not the best, but it is still the king.

Even if every attribute you have isn’t the best, you can still make it.

We all come from different backgrounds, but like I have always said…

Where you come from has nothing to do with where you are going, success is an inside

Your circumstances shouldn’t be an excuse enough for you not to pursue your goals;
if there is no way, make one!

This brings us to my topic, “The Lion Attitude.

Because of its build and stature, the lion could argue I can’t hunt, am not fast like
the cheetah, and am not even as big as an elephant to scare my prey… so I
will not hunt.

It is justifiable, but it will die!!

of all the challenges we face as Africans, giving up is not an option or a
luxury we can afford.

Excuses will always be there, but opportunities will not!

As a ghetto boy, from one of the high density suburbs in Zimbabwe, Chitungwiza, I
could have chosen to stay in the hood, hang with the boys, and blame everything
else except me. I will still be justified.


You are a product of a series of decisions you have made over time. You are your
own decisions!

Quite sad but honest truth is, NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU!

The world owes you nothing except that for which you are ready to negotiate!

Any shot at education, grab it, and enrich yourself.

To all university students, education is not a waste of time; it is indeed a
competitive advantage.

I have both education and street wisdom; trust me, you are more dangerous and
lethal with both!

Pamberi Nechikoro


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