Albinism awareness album on the cards

By Phillipa Jaja

A local non-profit organisation, Noble Hands Zimbabwe has heightened its fight in raising awareness about the recognition of the rights of people with albinism in Zimbabwe and Africa by releasing an album  “We are one people” to be launched on the 28th of this month in Bulawayo.

A black tie event, it is slated for 1700-2100 hrs at Wealthy World International Auditorium, Cnr RG Mugabe Street and 10th avenue and will feature 5 (five) women born with albinism so as to  empower them to use their voice to take the leading role to fight social imbalances against them.

People born with albinism across the world are often victims of stigma with hostility towards them being prevalent due to misconceptions and myths about them.

This has led to them facing daily threats to life and isolation.

Speaking to Review and Mail today, Executive Director and Founder for The Noble Hands Zimbabwe Trust, Willard Musiyarira said the album’s objective was to create a voice for people with albinism.

“The main objective of releasing the album is to create a voice and space for people with albinism to speak out on the issues affecting their community, also it is about empowering the community to use music to make a difference in the society.

“The project is also educating communities to stop discrimination, stigma, exclusion, harmful practices against people with albinism, also the project is also about empowering the young women with albinism to use their voice to take the leading role to fight these social imbalances.”

He said society should desist from stereotyping people born with the condition

“Zimbabweans must continue to move away from the harmful practices against people with albinism, educating each other about the condition at peer level, family level and ultimately at societal level.”

Rudo Amor, a gospel artist and Bryan Awah, one of the most talented upcoming vocalists in Bulawayo and a budding star   are the guest artists.

The featured girls are Marvellous Tshuma (Queen of BaTonga), Moreblessing Sibanda, Sithandazile Gumbo, Angela Dube and Thandiwe Tanewe.

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