African Union approves Institutionalization of Youth Envoy office, headed by Chido Mpemba

The African Union has given its official approval for the institutionalization of the Office of the African Union Commission Youth Envoy (AUCYE), spearheaded by H.E. Ms. Chido Cleopatra Mpemba.

The momentous announcement came during the Specialized Technical Committee on Youth, Sports & Arts meeting held at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, following Ms. Mpemba’s passionate request on behalf of millions of youths across the continent.

Acknowledging the significant demographic influence of Africa’s youth, who constitute a substantial portion of the population, Ms. Mpemba emphasized their pivotal role in achieving the objectives of Agenda 2063 and realizing the vision of “the Africa we want.” The proposal to institutionalize the Office of the Youth Envoy was met with overwhelming support from the committee members.

The 4th Session of the Special Technical Committee on Youth, Sports, Arts, and Culture took place from 22nd to 26th May at the AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa, where stakeholders discussed various matters concerning the continent’s youth.

According to the United Nations, Africa boasts the world’s youngest population, with 70% of sub-Saharan Africa’s inhabitants under the age of 30. Recognizing the immense potential and aspirations of Africa’s youth, the African Union’s decision to institutionalize the Office of the Youth Envoy marks a significant leap forward in empowering and amplifying their voices.

The newly established Office of the Youth Envoy, led by Chido Cleopatra Mpemba, will serve as a dedicated platform to address the unique challenges faced by African youth and champion their rights, interests, and contributions. This milestone development reflects the African Union’s commitment to prioritize youth engagement and harness their energy and talents in driving sustainable development and shaping the continent’s future.

As Africa forges ahead, guided by the principles of Agenda 2063, the institutionalization of the Office of the Youth Envoy represents a critical step in ensuring the inclusivity and active participation of the continent’s youth, fueling optimism for a brighter future for all Africans.

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