Abandoned Golden Quarry Bus Terminus now a homeless shelter, garbage dump

Libinance Dokora

The Golden Quarry Bus Terminus which was being constructed by City of Harare has become a refuge for the homeless and a deserted place of garbage after the construction work was stopped due to lack of funds.

The construction of the Bus terminus which was started in 2019 in the Harare Suburb of Warren Park 1 was derailed by lack of funds resulting in the residents’ dumping garbage and becoming a place for squatters.

In an interview, City of Harare spokesperson Innocent Ruwende said that this new development of the terminus was disturbed due to scarcity of resources.

“The construction of the terminus was stopped due to the issue of resources as our budget was eroded.
“We do not have the resources to complete the project at the moment,” he said.

He further revealed that the council is in a process of looking for partners who can assist in the completion of the project.

“We are looking for partners to partner with so that we can complete the Golden Quarry Bus Terminus. We are actually searching for investors to partner us,” he said.

A visit by the Review and Mail news crew unveiled that the area where the project was commenced has uncompleted roads, toilets and is now marred by dumped garbage, squatter camps and tall grass.

Ruwende revealed that the squatters would be removed as soon as the council continues the project once they get the funding.

“The people are going to be removed as soon as we move in provided that we find some partners to complete the project,” he added.

In an exclusive interview with this publication, Combined Harare Residents Association Director Reuben Akili said that the Harare City council projects such as the Golden Quarry Bus Terminus are failing because of lack of consultation from stakeholders and that there was no fiscal commitment to the project.

“In our view we expected that City of Harare would firstly consult residents and other key stakeholders before they start such projects.
“They were supposed to have fiscal policy around that to say that they have funding to that effect,”

“Their budgets were supposed to indicate that we have decentralised ranks because if we do not have a budget to anything it will not happen.

“These are the issues we have always told the council to say where is the fiscal commitment towards, where is consultation of residents and other stakeholders around those issues,” he said.

The Golden Quarry Bus Terminus is sitting on six hectares of land within Warren Park 1 residential area close to Bulawayo road.

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