16 year old loses life to low temperatures in Gweru

Gweru residents were left heartbroken and shocked after a 16-year-old was found dead due to the low temperatures on Wednesday.

According to the authorities, the freezing temperatures that have gripped many parts of the country caused the tragic event, which led to the loss of the young boy’s life.

Circumstances that led to the demise of the teenage boy

According to the spokesperson of the Midlands Provincial police, Emmanuel Mahoko, the young boy was identified as Nkosiyazi Ncube, who went missing from home on the 11th of July 2023.

His body was discovered in the wee hours of the morning on the following day in Gweru CBD along Robert Mugabe Road pavement.

The police suspect that Nkhosiyazi was suffering from a mental illness contributing to how he ended up on the pavement on the day of his demise.

Emmanuel Mahoko shared a statement with the media saying:

“It is alleged that Nkhosiyazi Ncube, a male juvenile aged 16 years, suspected to have been suffering from mental illness, eloped from home in the evening of 11 July 2023.

The matter is still under investigation, and the body was taken to Gweru provincial hospital.”

The body was taken to Gweru Provincial Hospital for a post-mortem examination, and more details will be shared through the police later.

The Meteorological Services Department has warned the citizens of Zimbabwe of low temperatures that gripped the nation during this week.

The need to stay warm and take precautions is being emphasized in the media as a warning to the citizens to stay safe.

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