Java, Tawaz collaborate in a Holy 10 diss track

Belinda Mucheuki

Controversial prophet, Panganai Java popularly known as Passion Java has joined hands with Tawanda Tirivanhu- Dj Tawaz in releasing a song targeted at insulting Holy 10.

The song titled, ‘Mungamudaro Here’ is a reaction to the viral images of Kimberly Richard who is Holy 10’s girlfriend with another guy at a local hotel in Harare allegedly cheating on him.

Holy 10 apparently had responded to the situation by insulting the popular individuals who were negatively commenting on his relationship with Kimberly and went further to threaten them.

“I spent the last 133 days telling myself “Muku it’s time to be mature, stop the beefs, but no, Java, Shadaya, Branson see you this weekend,” posted Holy Ten on his Instagram story.

One of the involved, Tawona Knight Shadaya responded on Holy 10’s retaliation insinuating that there is no true love between Holy 10 and Kimberly Richard.

“Young man, I have no beef with you, if anything I am a fan of your music. Like I have always said, musically you’re  one of a kind talent, your problem lies socially, the kind of women you let into your life only have an intention to milk you,” said Shadaya.

However, the song released by Java and Tawaz failed to serve its purpose as Holy 10 and his girlfriend posted a video saying they are not bothered.

“I know you expected to see Kim in blankets crying but forget about it and focus on other important matters,” said Holy 10 and Kimberly Richard jointly in a video.