10 Questions on Taiwan Question (Part 10)

【In disregard of China’s solemn position and firm opposition and with the connivance and arrangement of the US government, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi went ahead with the visit to China’s Taiwan region. This reckless move seriously infringe on China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and severely violated the one-China principle and the three China-US Joint Communiqué. The Chinese government has taken lawful and justified countermeasures to uphold its sovereignty and territorial integrity. However, instead of self-reflection and admitting its mistakes, the US side made absurd remarks and even put the blame on China like a thief crying “Stop thief!” The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe is going to publish a series of articles to share the truth, introduce China’s clear position and expose lies, so as to set the record straight.】

Q10: How to deal with the current situation and bring peace and stability to Taiwan Straight?

To solve a problem, you must first determine what the problem actually is. It is clear that any tension emerging in the Taiwan Strait at present is caused single-handedly by the US. Fundamentally, it is because Speaker Pelosi insisted on visiting Taiwan out of selfish interest and serious violated the one-China principle. We would not be dealing with this had Pelosi not made that provocative visit to Taiwan, the cause, consequences and merits of the incident are crystal clear. China has done everything that is diplomatically possible to prevent this crisis which has been imposed on China. But we will not tolerate any act that harms our core interests and national rejuvenation. We will not sit by and watch the US play the “Taiwan card” to serve the US’s domestic politics and the selfish interests of some politicians. We will not tolerate moves to incite tensions, confrontation and separatism in this region. The host of measures China is taking and  will take are necessary, timely countermeasures that are defensive in nature which have gone through serious consideration and careful assessment, and they’re aimed at protecting our nation’s sovereignty and security. They are consistent with international law and domestic laws. They are a warning to the provocateurs and also aimed at protecting regional stability and peace in the Taiwan Strait.

To deal with the current situation and protect regional and cross-Strait peace,  the US should immediately and credibly follow the one-China principle, strictly abide by the three Sino-US Joint Communiqués in both words and deeds, stop violating China’s sovereignty, stop interfering in China’s internal affairs on whatever grounds or under whatever pretexts, stop using salami tactics to encroach upon and hollow out the one-China principle, stop upgrading the substantive exchanges between the US and Taiwan, and stop arms sales to Taiwan, show respect for the call of the Chinese people, who constitute about one-fifth of the world population, and take real actions to uphold regional peace and stability.

The principle of non-interference in internal affairs is the “golden rule” for state-to-state relations and the “magic tool” for developing countries to safeguard their sovereignty and security. China appreciate those countries for their understanding and support for China’s position. Unilateral bullying acts are still happening from time to time in today’s world, all parties need to clearly recognize the cause and nature of the current crisis, jointly oppose the recklessness and the provocation of the US. The international community should and reach an even clearer consensus and speak even louder, so as to jointly uphold the basic norms governing international relations and international law, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all developing countries.

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